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Hunger Fighter in Action: Lana Raffensperger

Lana Raffensperger is a dedicated Hunger Fighter whose childhood experience with hunger inspired a lifelong passion to help people who do not have enough food. Among the many ways she volunteers to help her community, for the past ten years, Lana has been responsible for gathering volunteers for Second Harvest Southern Wisconsin’s mobile pantry in Beaver Dam. Currently year-round outdoors, Lana’s tireless outreach and joyful leadership (often in costumes!) inspires new and returning volunteers to come together monthly to unload the large truck, organize the food, and serve their neighbors as they put much needed food in cars with a smile. 

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Wisconsin REALTORS partner with Feeding Wisconsin to fight child hunger

The Wisconsin REALTORS® Foundation has kicked off this year’s campaign to fight child hunger in Wisconsin with a $50,000 gift. This year, as part of their “Don’t Be A Turkey Tour,” the Wisconsin REALTORS® Foundation organized a multi-site volunteer event the week of November 11th, where over 200 volunteers served at 6 food bank and food pantries sites.

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Yesterday, hundreds of UnitedHealthcare employees volunteered at our food banks across the state to help celebrate UnitedHealthcare's incredible $700,000 gift to Feeding Wisconsin to help our network of food banks and food pantries improve our collective ability to source, store, and distribute more fresh produce. This incredible partnership has given us opportunity to work together, across the state, on the same day at the same time to advance not only our mission of fighting hunger, improving health, and strengthening communities, but also UnitedHealthcare’s mission of helping people live healthier lives and making the health system better for everyone.

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Food for the Holidays

David volunteered at the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Food for the Holidays phone drive. One of the callers he spoke to left him speechless. Read more about what happened here.

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Volunteering: Sacrificing for Others

When you volunteer, you donate your most valuable resource: time. Volunteering, therefore, is one of the greatest sacrifices you can make. When you volunteer, you put someone else’s interests above your own. You are essentially saying that another person’s time is more valuable than your own. That kind of sacrifice, especially in today’s headache of a busy society, is to be admired. Read more from our newest staff about joining the call to sacrifice.

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