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"When children don’t get enough to eat, their initial response to the world is mistrust.”

I'll be presenting at the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Fall Forum tomorrow. Their day is focused on the role of primary care in food security and in preparing for my talk, I went back and re-read the "Hungry Children" report authored by Dr. Raymond Wheeler for the Southern Regional Council. I was astounded at many of the similarities between then and now.

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Collaborating for Impact

Earlier this week, we made a return trip up north to Ashland and Bayfield to continue engaging the local community about how an AmeriCorps supported program might add value to current and existing efforts to fight hunger. While many of the local leaders knew each other, this was the first time many of them had been in a meeting together to discuss food insecurity in the Northwoods. Why, given the high rates of food insecurity in these communities, is deep collaboration difficult?

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