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Harvest for Hope Passes Senate Ag & is Set for the Assembly Floor!

Harvest for Hope (AB 577 & SB 487) has cleared committees in both chambers and is now heading for a full vote in both the Assembly and Senate! We need you to reach out to your state legislators to let them know that you support increasing fresh food for Wisconsin families at-risk of hunger and that you want them to support these bills too.

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Take Action Against FoodShare Cuts

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, known as FoodShare in Wisconsin) is an important nutrition assistance program that helps to strengthen communities by providing families with low-incomes a bit of assistance to ensure that they have the food they need to work, learn, and get their lives back on track. It is a promise that Americans have made to ensure that none of our friends and neighbors have to be suffer from hunger day after day. Take action on both federal and state proposals to fundamentally alter this promise we have made to Wisconsin families living with low-incomes.

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Working with work requirements

What's it really like to have to balance work, transportation, home life and potential state welfare requirements? Lisa Williams, our blogger in residence, tells her story about what it was like to be working, receiving food stamps, and the challenges she faced and overcame.

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Governor Walker's New Work Requirement for FoodShare

We believe that for those who can work, a good paying job is the best tool in the fight against hunger and FoodShare is an important work support that ensures Wisconsin families have the food and energy they need to be ready for work. While we share the Governor's goal to connect people receiving FoodShare to jobs, we are concerned that the proposal may inadvertently reduce the amount of food available for Wisconsin families working through a tough patch in their lives.

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The Uncertain Hour

The first season of the new podcast, "The Uncertain Hour" focuses on welfare reform. 20 years after welfare reform, the podcast will shed some light on what "reform" meant in implementation and some of its consequences. As SNAP/FoodShare seems to hurtle down this frightening road, this new show contains some important lessons for many of us.

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