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Wisconsin laws affect hunger

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affects hunger in Wisconsin

Public Policy & Advocacy

Feeding Wisconsin works to educate elected officials and policymakers on the issue of hunger and advocates for improving public and private hunger solutions.

While the problem of hunger itself is complex, the solutions are within our grasp and consistent with the shared community values that guide good public policy.

Our work in public policy is guided by our mission and consistent with the values that are broadly shared by by everybody living in our state:

  • That our Wisconsin families have the access to the food and benefits during hard times so they can work and focus on turning their lives around
  • That our Wisconsin children have the nutritious food they need to be healthy and to be prepared to learn in school
  • That our food banks and food pantries have the resources and food they need to provide high quality, nutritious emergency food assistance to those who need it

We believe that together, we can end hunger through strong public policies at both the state and federal levels working in tandem with a vibrant private charitable sector.

When you give your voice to help us advocate for strong public policies that fight hunger, you are making an important contribution toward building sustainable hunger solutions.  

Take a moment learn more about current state and federal policies, sign up to be a Feeding Wisconsin Hunger Fighter and take action on our advocacy page.