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What's at Stake in the Fight for Lunch Money?

I have a picture in my office of the signing ceremony of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Children Act of 2010. Everybody in the photo is happy and excited that a historic Child Nutrition reauthorization bill, one that included the biggest investment of new money to increase the nutrition standards of school meal programs, was being signed into law. But, it came at a price. Now, as Congress works to pass a new Child Nutrition Reauthorization will we be able to ensure that our kids continue to get what we paid for?

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Orange is the new black...for September

Just like pink is the color for breast cancer awareness and red the for AIDS awareness, orange is the symbolic color for hunger relief and September is the month for hunger action. This is why perhaps you've been seeing all of the calls to "go Orange" in September. In this way, September is the month when orange really is the new black for hunger fighters (or given the fact that child nutrition programs are set to expire at the end of the month, perhaps orange is the new Child Nutrition Reauthorization?).

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