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in 2013, UnitedHealthcare provide the initial seed investment to get Feeding Wisconsin off the ground.

Yesterday, hundreds of UnitedHealthcare employees volunteered at our food banks across the state to help celebrate UnitedHealthcare's incredible $700,000 gift to Feeding Wisconsin to help our network of food banks and food pantries improve our collective ability to source, store, and distribute more fresh produce. 

This incredible partnership has given us opportunity to work together, across the state, on the same day at the same time to advance not only our mission of fighting hunger, improving health, and strengthening communities, but also UnitedHealthcare’s mission of helping people live healthier lives and making the health system better for everyone.

I often talk about our collective strength as a network of food banks but yesterday, I really felt it.

It was incredible. 

Together, across the four sites, UnitedHealthcare employees sorted 41,055 pounds of apples, cabbages, pears, potatoes, onions, and other fresh produce products that will be distributed to food pantries this week. That’s about 47,000 daily servings of produce for our friends and neighbors around the state.

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