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Turn tax time into dinner time for Wisconsin families

That old saw to "Beware the Ides of March" may have been a warning that the tax man is looming. But in Wisconsin, you shouldn't have to beware because this year, as in years past, you can turn tax time into dinner time for our friends and neighbors through the Wisconsin Tax Check Off program.

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Time, Treasure, Talent and Trust

Donors and donations come in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about how our food banks are locally owned and supported by donors just like you and how you can donate more than just a bag of groceries.

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Turn Tax Time into Dinner Time!

It's that time of year again - tax time! And this year, you can again turn tax time into dinner time through the Wisconsin Tax Check Off program. The program helps you easily donate a portion of your state tax refund to our network of regional food banks in Wisconsin.

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Adam Ruins Food Drives

Do you watch the show "Adam Ruins Everything" on TruTV? It's sort of as if Alton Brown's "Good Eats" got mashed up with "Mythbusters." It's a fun little show, if you like having everything you hold dear ruined. Well just in time for the holidays, Adam recently "ruined" canned food drives. You can watch the video here for yourself.

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On the Road: Farm to Family Conference day 3

It was great to spend day three at the Community Food Bank of Fresno. When I was working for the Feeding America, visiting food banks across the nation was the favorite part of my job. There’s a saw in food banking that goes, “If you’ve seen one food bank, you’ve seen one food bank.” And while each food bank is certainly unique in its own way, there is a feeling, rhythm and smell (usually of bananas and other fruit) that is consistent throughout the nation and that somehow feels like home to me.

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