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New Statewide Fund Supports Farmers and those Facing Hunger through Partnership with Rural Mutual Insurance

Rural Mutual Insurance Company and Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation teamed up to establish the Wisconsin Food and Farm Support Fund. Rural Mutual Insurance is fundraising for Feeding Wisconsin to source local WI agricultural products to distribute to those in need across the state.

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Thank you for your support of Harvest for Hope

The 2016 state legislative session has wrapped up and unfortunately, we were not able to pass SB 474 Harvest for Hope. Thanks to many of you, we had really good momentum but in the end, we just didn’t have enough time to get the bill scheduled for a full vote. We were able to start an important conversation at the state capitol about the importance of fighting hunger and increasing health outcomes through our state’s magnificent agriculture and food industries. This, to us was a win.

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Harvest For Hope SB 474

On Friday, Senator Jerry Petrowski introduced SB 474, a state legislative proposal that would establish "Harvest for Hope," an exciting public-private partnership that would increase the supply of fresh, healthy, free and local food for the thousands of Wisconsin families that utilize our state’s food pantries.

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40 percent of our harvest is wasted annually

It's harvest time where the combines are rolling and the months of hard work of our farmer friends come into fruition. It's the time of year where we see and celebrate the magnificent yield of our bountiful fields. And yet, 40% of that harvest will likely end up wasted at some point, either on its way to your refrigerator or after you've bought it. Some of it will even be left in the fields due to "unmarketability." This is what we are doing about it.

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On the Road: Farm to Family Conference day 3

It was great to spend day three at the Community Food Bank of Fresno. When I was working for the Feeding America, visiting food banks across the nation was the favorite part of my job. There’s a saw in food banking that goes, “If you’ve seen one food bank, you’ve seen one food bank.” And while each food bank is certainly unique in its own way, there is a feeling, rhythm and smell (usually of bananas and other fruit) that is consistent throughout the nation and that somehow feels like home to me.

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