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Feeding Wisconsin's programmatic mandate is to coordinate programs or initiatives that will increase the efficiency, effectiveness and ability of our members to solve hunger throughout the state. 

Individually, our member food banks are each implementing innovative, best in class programs tailored to meet the local needs of their communities. This includes the core food bank grocery distribution programs like:

  • Sourcing, warehousing and delivering a safe and nutritious source of food to its affiliated network of food pantry, meal programs, and after school meal programs
  • Mobile pantry programs for hard to reach, rural areas
  • Backpack programs that provide food to children for the weekend
  • Specially tailored emergency food boxes that are distributed to homebound seniors

Increasingly, our members have begun to find new ways to connect families to the ability to access more nutritious food, including:

  • Sourcing, processing, and distributing more fresh food, direct from Wisconsin farmers
  • FoodShare Outreach which not only helps potentially eligible families learn about and sign up for the program
  • Summer meal program planning collaboratives aimed at getting more kids connected to meals during the summer, a time when their risk of hunger increases greatly