Updated FoodShare Income Limits

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Every October, at the start of each federal fiscal year, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) updates the income limits for SNAP benefits across Wisconsin and the income deductions for various expenses, such as shelter costs, medical expenses for people over 60 or who are receiving federal disability benefits, dependent care, child support, and others.

'16-17 Eligibility ChartThis year, the maximum gross monthly income has increased slightly as compared to last year.

The chart to the left outlines the eligibility limits for most households. The increase in the gross monthly limit means that some households that were not eligible for FoodShare last year may now be eligible for benefits.

FoodShare Allotments

The minimum allotment, or amount of money that a single person household unit or FoodShare case can receive by DHS, is $16 per month. This is the same minimum allotment as the previous year.

The maximum allotment for a single person household is $194, also the same as last year. At this time, the state allows FoodShare allotments to be carried over each month up to a maximum of one year, at which time the account will be reset to zero.

For more information visit Wisconsin Department of Health Services website: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/foodshare/fpl.htm

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