Let's Pass a Farm Bill!

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The 2018 Farm Bill conference report was released on Monday and it contained none of the harsh changes to SNAP that we, and many other hunger-relief advocates, have been holding the line on. Rather, it hews closely to the SNAP policies set forth in the Senate version of the Farm Bill which helps to improve SNAP without structurally changing the program.

This is incredible news as it sets up two votes this week in the House and Senate to finally pass a strong, bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill!

We are expecting the House to vote on the conference Farm Bill report on Wednesday and then the Senate to vote on it by Friday or early next week.

This means that we are at the goal line for the 2018 Farm Bill and we need your help to help push us over the line. Please reach out to your members of Congress today to let them know that you support the Farm Bill conference report and that you want them to vote for its passage.

12/11 Update

The Senate jumped the House and voted to pass the Farm Bill Conference report on a largely bipartisan basis on Tuesday. The vote was 87-13. Senator Baldwin voted yes and Senator Johnson voted no. The House is slated to vote on the report on Wednesday or Thursday. Please keep reaching out to your Members!

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