Orange is the new black...for September

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Just like pink is the color for breast cancer awareness and red the for AIDS awareness, orange is the symbolic color for hunger relief and September is the month for hunger action. This is why perhaps you've been seeing all of the calls to "go Orange" in September.

In this way, September is the month when orange really is the new black for hunger fighters (or given the fact that child nutrition programs are set to expire at the end of the month, perhaps orange is the new Child Nutrition Reauthorization?). 

Throughout the month of September, our food banks and food banks across the nation in the Feeding America will be holding events for people to get involved and go orange. You can find a list of local Wisconsin events here on our events page

In addition, here are a couple of quick ideas and links to some other fun ways you might want to get involved this month. 

Personally, I'm looking forward to the Virtual Town Hall with Mario Batali on 9/10 to chat about Child Nutrition Reauthorization. Maybe we can make #OrangeIsTheNewCNR a thing?  

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