You have a lot of power in determining whether or not we are successful in achieving our mission - by donating your time, your money and especially by donating your voice.  

We all have a role to play in ending hunger in our state, including our elected officials who propose and vote on the state and federal policies that affect our clients. They enact the policies that reflect the commonly held values of our state as voiced by their constituents - you.

Research continues to show that constituent contacts at state and federal offices are the key drivers of policy decisions. Often, as little as a few calls from voters on an issue can make a legislator change his or her mind.

We all share the value that every child, every senior, and every adult who is dealing with tough times should have a access to a safe, consistent, adequate source of healthy and nutritious meals so that they have the energy to learn, be healthy and work. 

Current Action



  • Support AB 501: FoodShare Incentives